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As a business owner, you have a number of unique factors to consider that impact on your personal financial planning. These include cash flow, ownership transition, finance needs for expansion, owning your premises and so on.

By working closely with your business adviser, we help you to make smart decisions to ensure your your business goals and your personal goals are achieved.


Business insurance

A prudent business owner has considered potential business risks, and has strategies in place to mitigate any loss. Such risks include the death, disability or medical trauma of people in your business and take the form of:

Key person insurance provides a lump sum if something happens to you or one of your key people. It could be revenue cover for replacing lost income from a drop in sales. It could also have capital purposes, such as repaying debt before the bank calls in security, discharging a guarantor’s security, and so on.


Capital cover can be used for loan repayments if the bank calls in loans as they can on the death of a party to the loan.


Ownership insurance Where you are a co-owner of your business, you can put in place this insurance to provide a lump sum to effectively buy out an owner departing because of death, disability or medical trauma. Also known as buy/sell cover, it can help make for a seamless ownership transition, should tragedy strike.


Business expenses cover is designed for sole traders and partnerships. It provides a monthly lump sum to pay fixed business costs such as rent, non-income-producing staff, interest on loans, a locum, utilities and other regular expenses. It gives business owners breathing space while recovering from illness or injury. It allows your business to continue to operate without having to take desperate action — thus maintaining the value of your business while you consider options.

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